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Organic Mosquito Control for Your Yard

They’re back! Yes, I mean mosquitoes. Temperatures are rising again, so these pesky bugs are too. Several of our Mosquito Squad locations across the country are already providing mosquito control for our clients.

While our traditional barrier protection program is our most popular service, we do provide an all-natural/organic option for interested clients.

Our organic mosquito treatment is made of up essential oils and works differently than our traditional barrier treatment. While it eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact, the organic treatment acts as a repellent instead of eliminating mosquitoes through their eating habits. Our traditional treatment is ingested by the mosquito when it feeds on plant material that has been treated, eliminating the pest. The organic mosquito treatment repels them with its smell.

When first applied to the property, there is a slight wintergreen fragrance to the all-natural spray. To a human’s sense of smell, the odor dissipates within a few hours of application, however, mosquitoes are much more sensitive to smell. The fragrance keeps them away.

Because the organic mosquito control breaks down in the natural elements more quickly, we at Mosquito Squad recommend reapplying the treatment every 14 days for continuous protection. For comparison’s sake, the traditional barrier treatment is reapplied every 21 days.

While no mosquito control company can promise to eliminate all mosquitoes from your property, Mosquito Squad’s organic treatment does cut down on your mosquito population significantly. Our clients can expect a 70-75% decrease in the number of mosquitoes on their property after the treatment has been applied (the traditional treatment eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes).

Professional organic mosquito control is a great way to treat your yard. Like always, we at Mosquito Squad suggest ridding your yard of any standing water to help reduce mosquitoes on your property as well. Check out the 5 T’s of Mosquito Control to learn how you can protect your home from mosquitoes.

If you have any questions on the mosquito control options available, please contact the Squad at 402-718-8848.

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